Mystery Writing Experiment

Follow the directions on the back of the half sheet of Goldenrod Paper you received in class today. You also received some supplies as well. Use your iPad to record observations during your experiment. Bring to school next session.
1. First you must fold the Goldenrod paper into half "hotdog style" and label the clean side with a small #1 and #2 on either side of the blank paper.
2. Locate 2 "dixie size" clean containers and label them cup 1 & 2, your mystery powder, Q-tip and tiny amount of H2O (water)
3. place 1/2 teaspoon of mystery powder in each cup/container. Throw bag and remaining powder in garbage. Take a photo of your setup
4. Place 1 tablespoon (2 1/2 teaspoons) of water in cup 1. Stir with one end of Q-tip.
5. Place the wet Q-tip end to "side 1" of the Goldenrod paper and write your name in large print on half the "hotdog" Maybe take another photo or record a 1-5 second thought or observation
6. Now you will change amount the independent variable WATER for cup 2. You can choose to add more or less but you must record the volume of water you will mix the solution with. Take another photo and label the quantity of this second dilution.
7. Paint your name again on side 2 of the folded Goldenrod paper
8. Make observations, deductions, questions and measurements along the way using your iPad
9. Be sure to answer the questions that are printed on the back of the Goldenrod paper
10. You will use this data collection during an in class assignment using your CHARGED iPad, and the Explain Everything app.

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