#2 Take notes from Ms Eagle's presentation on notebook paper about Properties of Matter and Qualitative versus Quantitative Observations. Make observations of the 4 types of matter on your desk. Use the tools and your senses to make both types of observations and describe several properties of each type of matter. Include at least 2 labeled sketches as well.

Ms Eagle began her presentation presenting the basic physical science (physics, chemistry and astronomy) concept that matter has mass (grams or kg) and takes up space (cubic centimeters or liters). Energy (like the sound of Ms Eagle's voice and the light bouncing around the room behaves more like waves of potential but when we go "subatomic" we see that energy can behave like particles too. To describe matter we use the word "properties" just like students might also have characteristics like blue eyes, freckles, attached earlobes, etc these are properties of one's DNA expression. We use are 5 senses to observe matter. You should be able to make qualitative (general things like color, odor, size, shape, texture and hardness) and quantitative (involving measurement with units like mass, temperature NUMBERS)of the 4 types of matter (marshmallow, penny, wooden block and gummy saver) using your senses AND the flexible ruler and digital balance.) You must have to labeled sketches of 2 examples included in this learning log.

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