Metrics:Although the Metric System is not adopted worldwide for day-to-day life, it is used worldwide for science. The metric system is based upon convenient units of ten. The American system is base-12.  
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    Density is the amount of something per unit measure,especially per unit length, area, or volume. It is the degree or a measure of the degreeto which anything is filled or occupied. In science, with the metric system, density is displayed as:

grams/cubic centimeters




formula.jpg (10741 bytes)



The definition of volume is the size or extent of a three-dimensional object or regionof space. Volume is usually measured in milliliters or cubic centimeters. In science,volume is commonly measured with a graduated cylinder, beaker, test tube, or metric ruler.When measuring a solid, cubic centimeters are used. When measuring a liquid, milliliters are used.


Mass versus Weight- A fundamental concept for 8th grade check back later...

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